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Skinner’s Horse is a group dedicated to the recreation of the dash and glamour of one of the most famous Indian cavalry regiments at the time of the Raj. The Regiment has an exalted history and we bring you a taste of this magnificent regiment putting on spectacular mounted displays as officers of the regiment in authentic period uniforms mounted on fiery chargers.

With many years' experience we have worked for a number of employers (such as English Heritage and EventPlan) and have developed a proven track record for professionalism, authenticity and entertainment.

We have created two arena displays to show a variety of aspects of the cavalry – The “Cavalry of Empire” show set during the Great War where Skinner’s Horse are joined by cavalry from across the Empire and the“Victorian Gymkhana” show bringing you the colour and spectacle of the regiment at the height of the Raj

Cavalry of Empire
In conjunction with the Imperial War Museum’s Centenary Partnership we present a range of mounted soldiery from all corners of the British Empire including India, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand and show you the arms and equipment they carried to war.  We also show these cavalrymen in action, displaying the skills that made them famous and how they adapted to the changing face of war from 1914 to 1918.

Alongside the demonstration of the cavalryman and his horse on the front line we also show you war on the home front with a look at the role of the Army Remount Depot.  Due to the shortage of manpower a number of these depots were staffed and run by women, undertaking the training of horses for services on the front and by doing so breaking many of the social taboos and paving the way for women’s emancipation

Victorian Gymkhana
Representing the Regiment at play in the 1880s, we bring you officers displaying their mounted skills with lance and sword as well as bringing you a taste of the gentler side of life in the Raj with ladies mounted side saddle joining the men for the thrills and spills of the pagal (crazy) Gymkhana race – a daring obstacle relay race culminating in a gallop for home with the Teapot Dash

Shows can be arranged to suit the venue, ranging from our gymkhana show to a cavalry skill at arms display. Non-mounted events are also possible.

Maj. Trevor

As a group of dedicated horsemen and women with a passion for one of the most significant periods in British history, we aim to both educate and entertain, bringing the Raj to life with our dynamic displays.

Skinner’s Horse aims to:

  • Accurately portray the British and Indian officers of Skinner’s Horse during the age of Empire.
  • Portray the military, equestrian and civilian life of the Raj.
  • Promote understanding and enjoyment of Anglo-Indian history and culture.
  • Where possible, to raise money for humanitarian causes.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Patron: H.H. Captain Padam Singh, Raja of Sheikhupura

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